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Entrenchment of the Working Class

Richard Trumka's warning to Democrats should remind politicians that labor cannot stay a side agenda any longer. Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

BRICS on IMF: Push or Patience?

Should the developing world push for unity under a single candidate? Or should they exercise patience and gradually work towards electing a BRICS-proposed candidate post-Lagarde? Photo courtesy of images.cdn.fotopedia.com

The Future of NATO

America's contribution to NATO is significantly greater than its allies. Is it time for Europe to step up? Photo courtesy of farm5.static.flickr.com


Limiting our internet freedoms cannot be tolerated. It must be fought.


Dear Reader,

Currenthians opposes the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act.

We urge you to write a letter to your representatives in the United States Congress and ask them to oppose these bills. Michael Manansala, Editor-in-Chief of Currenthians, has written a sample letter that you may use to send to your legislators.* Sample SOPA and PIPA Letter to Congress

Please follow the instructions and use your common sense when using the sample letter to ensure that your letter is taken seriously by your representatives. The letter-writing process should only take a few minutes. Key things to keep in mind are:

  1. To which body of Congress you are writing (House/Senate).
  2. The names of your legislators. 
  3. Your Congressional District.
  4. What stance your legislator has taken.
  5. Your legislator's contact information (address, e-mail, etc.)
There are abundant online resources available to you so that you may accomplish this task expediently and effectively. If we block these bills, we ensure that these resources remain available to access in the future.  

Currenthians thanks you for your effort to block SOPA and PIPA. We look forward to adding more current events content in this site soon.

In solidarity,

*Michael Manansala and Currenthians only endorse the use of this letter for the purposes of sending the letter to Congress under the user's real identity and sending the letter in opposition to SOPA/PIPA. Neither Michael Manansala nor Currenthians take responsibility for any malicious and/or illegal acts performed by the user via this letter.

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